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Vehicle Sourcing

We are happy to offer customers a vehicle sourcing service, which can work in several ways. This gives you, the customer, the benefit of finding a larger choice of available vehicles from anywhere in the USA.

How it Works

The process is simple, you contact us with your requirements, we then contact our agent in the USA who will then find a selection of vehicles to match these requirements.

Once we have located the vehicles we will then supply you with as many photos as possible, to make your choice easier.

When you are happy that you have made the right decision, we will then discuss costs and get the ball rolling and the vehicle on it's way to the UK. Please note that sourced vehicles will not be shipped out of the U.S. until full payment has been received.

When the vehicle reaches the UK we can recommend companies to collect and deliver your vehicle from the docks. If you wish to collect the vehicle in person and carry out the registering process, that is no problem! (Remember it is your responsibility to have the vehicle MOT’d before driving on UK roads).

If you have found a vehicle yourself, we are more than happy to sort out the purchase and subsequent shipping of the car back to the UK. We have found this route popular with our clients, as our U.S. based colleagues are experienced in dealing with U.S. sellers.

What does it cost?

All we charge for this service is a flat fee of £500**. We charge no commission so it will not matter if the vehicle costs £1000 or £100,000, the charge is the same.

** Our Flat Fee is in addition to and separate from the usual associated costs of importing a vehicle to the UK  ( I.E purchase price, shipping and duty etc.) please call for more information.

Why should I use your sourcing service?

If, like a lot of people, you have a dream of owning an American vehicle, but are put off by all the paperwork involved in the shipping, customs and VAT side of the operation, our sourcing service is the answer.

You can leave all the red tape to us, which just leaves you to enjoy your new purchase when it reaches the UK.